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Hiring a local Vaughan agent…isn’t it just common sense?

February 2nd, 2017

Jack of all trades, master of none.  Does that sound familiar?

Would you rather hire a generalist that has a superficial knowledge about many things or a specialist that’s laser focused on what you’re trying to achieve?  Do you want to avoid land mines?

It boggles the mind when someone hires an out of area agent to help them buy their home. I’ve seen it many times, here’s how it usually goes:

  • a downtown agent sells their client’s condo.  The client has decided to move to Vaughan so they can get more bang for their buck, they can still commute downtown by taking the subway from the Vaughan Metro Centre and they get a much larger home for their growing family.
  • said agent decides he’ll help them with the purchase of their home.  He did a good job selling their condo, so they trust him.  Only problem is…he’s never been to Vaughan (other than the time he was 14 and went to Wonderland.)
  • after much searching and a few failed offers, they finally purchase a home.  It’s a spacious modern home in a nice and serene court location.
  • The deal closes and they move in a few months later…wait what’s all that blue fencing backing onto their backyard? Oh…their agent didn’t tell them about the 7-storey mixed-use building for subsidized housing that was going up?  Of course not, he didn’t even know about it.

This is just one small example.  There are many others; a street prone to basements flooding; a builder known to have specific issues; problems with traffic; the list goes on and on.  Of course not every local agent in Vaughan will know about everything…but chances are, they’ll know more than someone who specializes in condos downtown.  The opposite is true as well…condo specialists downtown have much more knowledge than non-local agents.
Did you know there are about 30 neighbourhoods in Vaughan?

So why use a local Vaughan agent?

  • PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH LISTING AGENTS     Being a part of the local Vaughan community, a Vaughan agent will know many of the other agents.  If your agent has a great reputation and he’s presenting your offer to purchase a home in Vaughan, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your offer accepted.  The listing agent relies on this reputation to ensure the deal is completed.  This is crucial.
  • KNOW THE AREA       Your agent will know the area inside and out and after discussing your needs and wants will be able to determine the neighbourhood that is best suited to your family and your lifestyle. Close to schools, understand the different types of neighbourhoods and demographics, driving distances, etc.
  • PART OF THE COMMUNITY      Your realtor will have personal relationships with other professionals in the community.  Maybe you’re looking for a home inspector, a plumber, a banker to deal with… These are all relationships that your local agent has fostered.
  • WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE COMMUNITY       You’re going to become part of the Vaughan community, shouldn’t you know what it’s like before you move here?  If you’re buying a home in Vaughan you want to be connected to the community you will call home.  Local realtors have this knowledge and part of their job is to pass it on to clients to help them become a part of their community.
  • KNOWLEDGE IS POWER      A Vaughan agent will understand where the community has been and what is planned in the future. Why is this important?  your local realtor will share with you any future developments that may impact the value of your home.
  • THE LITTLE THINGS      Just like people, communities have little quirks and nuances that are not always visible on the surface. Why is a particular shop always busy on Saturday mornings at 10 am? Where is the dog friendly park? Where do I find the best coffee (it’s not always Tim Horton’s). These little things are the reasons why we sometimes like communities we visit, so why not understand them before hand if we are going to move into a community. Using a local realtor will help you understand the little things before you purchase and maybe one of the reason you purchase in that area.

Who you choose matters.

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