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Rectal Exams and Real Estate

March 6th, 2017

What did you just read? Is that a typo? We’ve all seen them…real estate ads that make you think: What were they thinking? Here are samples of some of these ads. Warning: Some of these will make you cringe.

It seems that some agents are more interested in standing out than sending the right message. I can understand wanting to break through the noise especially with competition being so tight amongst agents. I mean I just titled this post “Rectal Exams and Real Estate” But does standing out equate to more business? Can an agent’s real estate marketing be so bad, that even though it breaks through the noise, it actually makes you think “wow, I’d never hire this person” Let’s take a look at some samples…

(Sorry for the orange blobs but I had to block out names and brokerages for this)

1) “Let me take you home”
Does this send the right message? Women real estate agents are often concerned about their safety. After all, they’re often meeting with strangers and showing them empty homes. Do you think this ad promotes their safety?

2) “This is not a place to sit and ponder but a place to #$@& and ponder”
Yes you read that right. This ad definitely captured people’s attention – It made it to Buzzfeed Canada. It was used in a banquet hall’s washrooms and it elicited a response. But…do you really want to be known as “that” agent? Some do…some don’t.

3) Rectal exam anyone?
I can’t believe I just wrote “rectal exam” in a real estate blog. I’d say this one definitely broke through the noise. For the record, although I personally wouldn’t do this…I think it definitely grabs your attention.

4) The Flasher
This one created quite the talk in real estate social media circles. Some thought that sexual assault should never be used as a prop to sell homes (clearly) while others thought it shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

5) “Remember when prices were this low”
This one…is just a bad idea no matter how you slice it.

As an agent you should always think of the intended results vs the public’s perception. Is this how you want people to remember you? Even if you delete the ad, in this day and age…it’ll still be remembered online. So the next time you think should I publish this ad…maybe ask your broker, friends, family, etc.

I hope you didn’t think this post was too asinine.

This post was written by David Ursino

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