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The Birth Of A New Downtown Vaughan, Why Are Investors Paying Close Attention?

February 21st, 2017

At the very core of an emerging downtown for the City of Vaughan is the new TTC Subway station coined the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. This first ever subway extension outside of the GTA will seamlessly connect Vaughan to its southern neighbour Toronto and will bring with it unprecedented development to York Region.

Investors are definitely paying attention.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is a master planned development fueled by business offices, residences, entertainment, pedestrian shopping areas and cultural facilities. As an ideal location for companies that want to provide a high quality of life for their employees, VMC will attract thousands of professionals, building the community around a skilled and innovative workforce. Expected to be home to over 25,000 people and provide 11,500 local jobs to the city, fueling the housing market for decades.

This once in a lifetime infrastructure development marks an opportunity that investors have not seen since the late 1980’s, marking the birth of a major transit system hub that will be the magnet to this frenzied residential and commercial development. Smart investors understand the strength and impact of this type of transit and are lining up to be the landlord owners of the well situated residential towers that will populate Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

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This post was written by Laurent Felix

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