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When is the Right Time To Buy a Home in Vaughan?

March 20th, 2017

With the prices of homes going up daily and stock levels at an all time low, when to get into the market seems to be the million dollar question ( no pun intended ). With inventory so low REALTORS are working around the clock looking for homes. When a house in Vaughan becomes available it is not on the market for long. Buying in today’s market is not so much when to buy , but being prepared to buy when the dream home in Vaughan becomes available.
Buyers in today’s market need to react to an ever changing market. If not houses will pass them by and prices will increase and frustration will set in. So what can buyers do to avoid disappointment and frustration of losing out on a potential deal of a lifetime. Buyers in today’s market should prepare themselves and make sure their Real Estate Agent is very clear on what they want.

  • what Vaughan Neighbourhood do you want to live in
  • what type of dwelling do you want
  • what are your needs and wants
  • how much do you want to spend
  • be pre approved for a mortgage
  • how much are you willing to invest in the house to upgrade or fix it up
  • keep conditions to a minimum/ know your parameters regarding what is acceptable to you

If buyers can follow these 7 steps their chances of finding the property they want will greatly increase. Being prepared not only puts your mind at ease, but it makes the REALTOR more efficient when working for you. He or she has very clear parameters to work with and not wasting your time. As we see when stock is, low properties that become available and move off the market in record times. So being prepared will put you ahead of the game. The time to buy will be when the deal you want presents itself and you can put forth a fair offer that is also well thought out and covers all the bases, thus making the decision easy on the seller to accept the offer. Be prepared in this ever changing market and avoid disappointment and frustration.

This post was written by Mario Montanaro

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