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When Marketing Fails

January 26th, 2017

The For Sale sign. It’s the most basic marketing tools used by REALTORS since the inception of real estate. In this day and age of technology, it’s obviously lost its importance as a marketing technique, but we still all use it. Let’s face it, it promotes your brand and what agent doesn’t like that?

This is why it boggles my mind when I drive past a listing for days and see a sign slumped over on the lawn. a sad sign slumped over…in the rain…all by itself.

The sign in the picture is not only slumped over, but it’s actually illegally placed as well; it shouldn’t be between the sidewalk and the boulevard, it should be on the home’s actual lot. There wasn’t even an effort made in planting the post down. See that triangle at the bottom of the metal post? It’s supposed to be underground. What does this say about your brand?

If an agent puts such little effort in the most basic marketing tool, how does that reflect on the rest of their marketing plan? Do they even have one? I kinda feel like it disparages the whole real estate industry. It gives us all a bad name.

Selling your home successfully takes planning, a strong online marketing plan, a pricing strategy and use of the right tools. When you hire an agent to sell your home, it should be a decision based on who you believe will best represent you. If an agent can’t represent themselves well…they probably won’t represent you well either.

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