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6 simple steps to a successful purchasing experience


List your wants and needs

Unquestionably the first step of buying a home is knowing what you really want and need. Figuring out what your “must haves” are is crucial to eventually getting the perfect home.

How the Realtrz team helps
We will guide you with our knowledge of the overall market value of the homes we visit, and weigh them against your wants and needs. More importantly, we weed out the potential “mistake” purchases from your list of option properties.


Know the Full Purchase Costs

Understanding the complete costs involved with buying a home is the best way to prepare yourself before making the most important purchase of your life. Avoiding the potential budget traps makes you enjoy ownership from day 1, and for many years.

How the Realtrz team helps
We walk you through the preparation and necessary costs that come along with purchasing & owning a home or investment property. i.e Mortgage financing, legal fees, moving expenses, home inspection, carrying costs, etc...


Prepare Financing

Arguably this should be our first step, but finding out how much a bank is willing to lend you will certainly influence which home in Vaughan you can purchase. A mortgage pre-approval is where it all begins.

How the Realtrz team helps
We provide all financial options and match your needs with what you can afford. Working closely with the best mortgage brokers and lenders in the industry, we insure a smooth transition into ownership of your new home.


Search Listings

This is the fun step. Most of us like to start here, and for good reason. Searching for and exploring new listings is when you start to feel closer and closer to your next home.

How the Realtrz team helps
We boost your quest for the perfect purchase by merging online property searching with good old fashion walk throughs of available listings. We work tirelessly to uncover suitable options and professionally guide you to that all important decisive “this is the one” stage.


Making an Offer

Obviously this is the most exciting and nerve-wracking step to go through. Getting the most house for your dollar is the whole point of a successfully negotiated deal, and you should not lose sight of this simple fact.

How the Realtrz team helps
As tough negotiators we fight for the best deal but always remain laser focused on what our clients want and what they are comfortable paying.


Continued Client Care

Although the paperwork is finished and the deal is done, the Realtrz Team service to you continues indefinitely.

Post-purchase client support guarantees a smooth transition into your new home and includes sourcing out any necessary tradespeople and service providers.

Finally, over the years, we will inform you of the ongoing changes in the Real Estate market, and how this affects the value of your home.

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