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The Real Problem

Let's call a spade a spade. Most real estate agents behave like they are in the business of self-promotion, with far too much effort made pushing their awards, accomplishments and focusing solely on their own status in this over populated industry.

All too often agents are forgetting that our job is to effectively promote a client’s valuable home. By using powerful marketing strategies and touching as many potential buyers, we are hired to produce as much money as humanly possible for that client. Period.

The Solution

First, sellers must look to embrace their role in hiring the right "marketing company". The selection of a powerful Real Estate sales team to feature their home to the buying market is indeed the first step, and a crucial one to getting the most amount of money from a successful sale.

When you hire the Realtrz Team, you have professional agents who are laser focused on promoting your home to all potential buyers using creative marketing to highlight every valuable feature and put more money in your pocket.

“It all begins with our extensive Home Seller's Marketing Plan”

Seller's Marketing Plan

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